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Shipping & Returns




1.1  Thank you for your purchase and for considering Tuning Fork Proprietary Limited with registration number 2010/001048/07 ("World of Yamaha" and/or "the Company"). We trust that you are happy with your purchase.  


1.2 As a valued customer, we shall at all times provide you with the best customer service and ensure that all your rights in terms of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 ("the CPA") together with any other applicable laws are protected. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return the product to us and we will either repair/replace it or credit your account subject to the terms set out below. This policy applies to products bought from Linex. 


1.3 This policy forms part of the World of Yamaha Terms and Conditions and the words defined in the Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this policy unless the context indicates otherwise. This policy applies to all goods purchased online. 




As a valued customer you may lodge a request for return by detailing your request together with any supporting documentation or images onto the Returns page on our website relating to your profile and your order history. Once your information is captured and saved on the  Returns page and logged against your order, one of our duly trained agents will contact you to in order to discuss the reason for your request and guide you in terms of the returns process. 




3.1 In terms of the CPA, you may return goods to us at no charge, subject to the following –  


3.1.1 you have the original receipt of purchase; 


3.1.2 the goods are contained in its original packaging and condition, undamaged with all seals intact with no missing parts and/or accessories; 


3.1.3 you lodge a return within 30 days of purchase and collection or delivery to you. If not within 30 days, you may only return a product if it is defective within 6 months of purchase and collection or delivery to you.  


3.2 Depending on the product, you will be required to deliver the purchased goods to us, or our couriers will collect the products from you at a charge. In the event, that the goods are not packaged properly for transport, our couriers are entitled to refuse collection. 


3.3 In terms of section 20(6) the CPA, we are entitled to charge a reasonable handling fee for any goods not in their original packing and where –  


3.3.1 the goods were used whilst in your possession; and  


3.3.2 the goods were consumed or depleted whilst in your possession. 




4.1 In terms of section 16 of the CPA read with section 44 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 ("ECTA"), you as a consumer have the right to cancel any agreement or transaction with us for purchase goods within 7 (seven) days of the purchase of such goods. We may charge a fee for any costs incurred by us for arranging collection of such goods. 




Once we have inspected the returned goods and validated your return, we will refund you your money by way of an EFT of the purchase price into the bank account of the banking details you provided to us during the sale. 




In the event of goods delivered to you being incorrect, kindly lodge a query on our  Returns page on our website, through your profile, to allow us to arrange for collection of the incorrect goods at no charge to you. All the accessories or parts of the incorrect order must be returned. Once collected, we will then assess the incorrect goods dispatched and once satisfied, we will deliver the correct goods purchased, if such correct product is available, if not, we will refund you with the purchase price of the goods in the same manner in which it was purchased. 





7.1 The following goods are not eligible for return –  


7.1.1 good purchased by way of an agreement or customized between you and World of Yamaha, unless defective; and 


7.1.2 goods which have been personally modified, unless defective before modification and less costs necessitated by the modification.  


7.1.3 all helmets regardless of brand or subcategory 


7.1.4 all products purchased ‘on sale’; at ‘discount’; at ‘special offer’ 




8.1 We endeavor to ensure that all the goods we deliver to you are of high quality and free of defects, whether patent or latent. 


8.2 If within the first 6 months of the purchase of the good/s, it transpires that that the goods are unsafe or have a manufacturing defect, World of Yamaha will repair, replace or refund you. The good/s must be returned by lodging a request on the Website Returns page via your profile. The collection will be charged at the going rate in your area and will depend on product specifications. Upon collection of the good/s, World of Yamaha reserves the right to refer the returned good/s for technical assessment by the manufacturer or authorized service center prior to repairing, replacing or refunding.  


8.3 The right to claim return of defective goods does not apply if the cause of the defect arises from –  


8.3.1 damage arising from normal wear and tear; 


8.3.2 damage arising from your negligence and incorrect usage of the product; 


8.3.3 accidental damage; 


8.3.4 damages arising from lightning, power surges or sea air corrosion; 


8.3.5 goods used contrary to the user manuals and for the purpose generally intended; 


8.3.6 damage arising from the failure to adequately care for the good/s; and 


8.3.7 damage arising from personal modifications to the good/s. 


8.4 If the goods show a defect after the initial 6 month period, but still within the warranty period, World of Yamaha will send the goods for repair. World of Yamaha will assess and use its sole discretion whether you have a valid claim and, if so, whether they will repair or replace.  


8.5 If you fail to return all the items and accessories of a defective good, we are entitled (subject to the CPA and other applicable law) to refuse the return and to only replace the item you returned. We may also estimate the value of the missing accessories and only refund you to the value of the returned item. 


8.6 In the event that you return a defective product which does not comply with this policy, World of Yamaha may hold you liable for reimbursement for the costs incurred for collecting the product and having it returned to you.  




9.1 For all online purchases, cash on delivery is not a method of payment. All delivery charges are charged upfront on finalization of the sale. 


9.2 Assessments and repairs vary based on the nature of the goods purchased. Whilst we endeavor to ensure that assessment and repairs are dealt with as expeditious as  possible, there is no "once size fits all" approach. As such, assessment and repairs may take a reasonable period of time to complete depending on the nature of the goods purchased. In the event that assessments and repairs take longer than a reasonable period of time, which may be up to 6 months, you will either get a replacement of the same/similar model or get a full refund. This provision does not apply to goods falling outside the initial 6 month warranty.  


9.3 This Returns policy may be updated from time to time without notice to you. It is your responsibility to keep updated with the latest Returns policy. 


9.4 Any complaints in terms of this Returns policy must be directed to [email protected]  


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