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Heavy-duty Tenere 700 specific guards cover and protect critical engine and body components.
R7 499,00

Acerbis Skid Plate YZ 250 05/20

R1 510,00


UFO Plast Motocross & Enduro Handguards.
R1 437,50

Acerbis MX Yamaha YZ 250 05-.. Skid Plate Black

Tested in competition, this protector offers the best protection for the engine and frame of your bike. Made by 4 mm polypropylene, no welding's. 40 % lighter than aluminium protectors and more resistant. Unbreakable, and it does not cause any vibration.
R1 167,74 R1 576,45

Acerbis Kit X-Power Yamaha YZ 250 06-19

Motor Crankcase and Ignition/Clutch covers that protect against wear from boots, impacts, dirt, mud, and other debris.
R845,00 R1 143,61

Acerbis Bottom Fork Protector

Protects the lower forks against impact and damage. Easy to install by utilizing the original front axle/fork lug screws. Provides easy access to the axle nut and fork lug bolts.
R350,00 R498,85

Oxford Transformer - Modular Tank Pad Spine

Avoid those annoying knocks and scratches to your tank by using the new Transformer tank pad. Your tank cannot avoid contact with you and your riding gear, without protection damage is inevitable. The modular design allows for a custom fit to almost any tank shape. A matching set of knee pads is also available.
R295,00 R395,00

Oxford Bar Strap Harness

The Bar Strap Harness is fitted by simply sliding the bar straps over the grips, then attach to conventional tie-down straps to keep your motorcycle immobile whilst being transported.
R215,00 R295,00

Oxford BarEnds 2 - Silver

Universal barends
R149,00 R199,00
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