Enduro – E50CMHL Yamaha Outboard

Engine Specifications: E50CMHL

Engine Type In-line 3
Displacement 760cm³
Bore x Stroke 82.0 x 72.0mm
Compression ratio 6.5:1
Starting enrichment Manual Choke
Scavenging Loop Charge
Fuel induction system 2 Carburettors
Lubrication system Pre-mixed Fuel and Oil
Oil-Fuel Mixing Ratio 50:1
Engine oil capacity
Ignition system CDI
Ignition timing TDC – BTDC 26.0 deg. B8HS
Spark plug B8HS
Alternator 80 W
Cooling system Raw-water, thermostatically controlled
Exhaust system Through Propeller Boss
Dry weight 90kg

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