Yamaha 85AEDL/X Outboard Engines

Yamaha 85AEDL/X Outboard Engines


Yamaha 85AEDL/X Outboard Engines

The Yamaha 85 AED is a 2stroke,  85 hp, Outboard engine with Electric starter and Hydro Trim & Tilt. The Yamaha 85 AEDL has a transom height of 20in. and the AEDX of 25in.

The Basics of Yamaha Quality.

If you are a no-frills type of boater who demands the best outboard engine at a reasonable price the Yamaha Origin series is for you. Built into these hard workers are all the quality and reliability that set Yamaha apart from the competition.
With proven loop-charged boat engines that deliver reliable power and unbeatable fuel economy not to mention what you expect most from a Yamaha outboard our legendary durability.
Reliable electric starters and alternators give you confidence you will always have the power of quick starts. In short the price is right whilst still Yamaha outboards inside and out.

Yamaha 85AEDL/X Features

  • Wide Range Power Trim Tilt method - increases acceleration and reduces planning time.
  • Loop charging - Loop-charged scavenging creates a circular flow for efficient removal of exhaust gas and even distribution of air-fuel mixture. The result is greater combustion efficiency for higher power and better fuel economy.
  • Engine stop switch lanyard - This lanyard clips to clothing or around the wrist stopping the engine immediately if the operator leaves the helm.
  • Shallow water drive - The outboard can be set at a tilt angle preventing it from hitting the bottom when operating in shallow water.
  • Start-In-Gear Prevention
  • Overheat warning Over-Rev Limiter
  • Extremely durable crankshaft
  • Long life piston|piston ring
  • Sturdy gears and gear case

Yamaha 85AEDL/X Outboard Engine

Type : Carb
Engine Type : 3-Cylinder
Displacement : 1140cc
Output : 62.5kw
Compression Ratio : 5.1
Gear Ratio : 13:26 (2.0)
Weight : L: 111kg X: 114kg
Bore x Stroke : 82x72mm
Max Operating Range : 4500-5500rpm
Scavenging|induction : Loop Charging
O|M Transom Height : L: 521mm|20.5in X: 647mm|25.5in

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