Yamaha 25BMHS/L Origin Outboard

Yamaha 25BMHS/L Origin Outboard


Yamaha 25BMHS/L Origin Outboard

The Yamaha 25 BMH are 2stroke,  4 hp, Outboard Motors with Manual Starters and tiller handles. The Yamaha 25BMHS has a transom height of 15in. and the 25 BMHL of 20in.

The Basics of Yamaha Quality

New Yamaha 25BMHS|L is improved from current 2-cylinder 496cc 25VMHS|L outboards equipped with increased economy and durability. Original models 25VMHS|L currently on the market is derivatives of one another and was initially introduced in 1991. These Outboards have been very popular on the sea the rivers and the lakes all over the world.
Now they are refined to increase product performance.

Yamaha 25BMHS|L Origin Outboard: Features

  • Shallow Water Drive
  • The outboard can be lifted and set at an angle preventing it from hitting the bottom when operating in shallow water.
  • Cowling
  • The bottom of the cowling has been water sealed thus resulting in prevention of water intrusion.
  • Engine
  • Up to 15% improved fuel economy due to fined tuned carburettor settings and optimized spark advance. The 25BMHS|L has also been fitted with long life crankshaft bearings and an Anti-abrasion throttle link in order to combat abrasion.
  • Upper case
  • Water cooled and a rigid upper case help protect against fading and corrosion.
  • Lower unit
  • A 10 pitch anti-cavitations propeller is available. A 12 pitch anti-cavitations prop is currently being developed. These props will prevent cavitations and increase performance in rough seas.

Yamaha 25BMHS|L Origin Outboard Engine

Type: Origin Range
Engine Type: 2-Cylinder
Displacement: 496cc
Output : 18.4kw | 25hp
Compression Ratio: 6.2
Gear Ratio: 27:13 (2.08)
Weight : 52KG short shaft 55.5KG long shaft
Bore x Stroke: 72 X 61mm
Max Operating Range: 4500-5500rpm
Scavenging|induction: Loop charging
O|M Transom Height: 423mm|16.7in short shaft 550mm|21.7in long shaft


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