Yamaha 200FETOX, And Counter Rotating L200FETOX

Yamaha 200FETOX, And Counter Rotating L200FETOX


Yamaha 200FETOL V6 Outboard Engines

The Yamaha 200 FETO is a 2-stroke 200hp V6 Outboard Engine with Electric Start Power Trim & Tilt and Oil Injection -  a transom height of 25in
L200FETOX is counter rotating

On Yamaha`s muscular 200FETOL V6 you will appreciate the sure starting of the microcomputer-controlled ignition and a high-output alternator.
Yamaha makes sure you stay in command and trouble-free all the way with Yamaha s Digital Multi-Function Gauges and Warning system that monitors all vital engine functions.


Microcomputer Control
Yamaha s microcomputer control system constantly monitors engine conditions adjusting ignition timing and fuel-air mixture to deliver maximum performance. It also guards against stalling. Knocking over-revving overheating detonation and lack of lubrication to prevent engine damage.

Rigid and Lightweight Top Cowling
The top cowling is especially designed to control engine noise and keep water out.

Twin Battery Charging System
One battery starts the engine the other supplies power to the instruments and accessories so there is always ample starting power.

Loop Charging
Loop-charge scavenging creates a circular flow for efficient removal of exhaust gas and even distribution of the air-fuel mixture. The result is greater combustion efficiency for higher power and better fuel economy.


Type: Carb
Engine Type: V6
Displacement: 2596cc
Output : 147.1kw/200hp
Compression Ratio: 6.2
Gear Ratio: 26/14 (1.86)
Weight : 194kg
Bore x Stroke: 90x68mm
Max Operating Range: 4500-5500rpm
Induction system: Loop Charging


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