Yamaha 60FETOL Outboard Engines

Yamaha 60FETOL Outboard Engines


Yamaha 60FETOL Outboard Engine

Yamaha 60FETOL is a 2stroke 60 hp Outboard motor with Electric Start, Power Trim & Tilt and Oil Injection

Wherever people take to the water for fun and leisure the Yamaha name in outboard engines has long meant power you can trust. The Yamaha 60hp outboards has Spirited power from the bottom to the top of the speed range with sharp response all along the way.
Power for this 60 hp outboard comes from Yamaha`s proven 3-cylinder engines with their winning combination of loop charging and pulse tuning that delivers both outstanding fuel economy and smooth responsive acceleration.
With Yamaha`s Oil Injection System that constantly monitors engine load to inject just the right amount of oil you don t have to mess with pre-mixing the gasoline and the oil. And with our Micro-Computer Ignition System that comes as standard equipment on the larger outboards you ll rest assured that the 60 hp`s engine is always running finely tuned and with optimum fuel efficiency.


Oil Injection System
Eliminates the need to pre-mix gas and oil by injecting the precise amount of oil directly into the intake manifold. This also ensures quick response to the 60hp outboard engine`s oil demands and minimizes oil consumption.

Micro Computer Control
A microcomputer-run control system gives high precision ignition timing adjustments for optimum combustion across the full rpm range. That means that the Yamaha 60 hp outboard has both smoother power development and improved fuel economy. This control system also monitors the outboard engine for signs of malfunction like overheating thus preventing engine damage.

Prime Start Auto Choke
The computer supplies the proper amount of fuel and sets optimal ignition timing ensuring the Yamaha 60 hp has quick starts at the turn of the key.

Single Unit PTT
Power trim and tilt cylinders are combined into a single unit for compactness high performance good response and smooth quiet operation.


Type: 2-stroke
Engine Type: 3-Cylinder
Displacement: 849cc
Output: 44.1kw / 60hp
Compression Ratio: 6.1
Gear Ratio: 28:12 (2.33)
Weight : 105.5kg 60FETOL
Bore x Stroke: 72 x 69.5
Max Operating Range: 4500-5500rpm
Induction system: Loop charging
O/M Transom Height: 521mm / 20.5in


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