Yamaha E8DMHL Enduro Outboard

Yamaha E8DMHL Enduro Outboard


Yamaha E8DMHL Enduro Outboard

The Yamaha E8DMHL is a 2 stroke 8 hp Enduro Outboard Engine with Manual Starter Manual Trim & Tilt and a Tiller handle

Working Class Heroes

For more than thirty years Yamaha has been supplying reliable heavy-duty outboards to the most demanding boaters of all : Those who make their living on the water. The Yamaha E8DMHL Enduro outboards are designed from the bottom up to take the strain of long continuous hours of hard use.


Magnetic Drain Plug
The oil plug is magnetized to collect any metallic particles in the oil keeping them from circulating and causing damage to the gears.
Engine Stop Switch Lanyard
The lanyard clips to clothing or around the wrist stopping the engine automatically if the operator leaves the helm.


Type: Enduro range
Engine Type: 2-Cylinder
Displacement: 165cc
Output : 5.9kw | 8hp
Compression Ratio: 6.8
Gear Ratio: 27:13 (2.08)
Weight : 29kg
Bore x Stroke: 50 x 42mm
Max Operating Range: 4500-5500
Scavenging|induction: Loop charging
O|M Transom Height: 582mm|22.9in


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