Yamaha F225AETX & FL225AETX Counter Rotation

Yamaha F225AETX & FL225AETX Counter Rotation


Yamaha F225AETX & FL225AETX Counter Rotation

Yamaha F225 is a 4-stroke 225hp electric start Outboard Engine with Power Trim &  Tilt, the FL-Model is Counter Rotation

Yamaha has revolutionized four-stroke engine design to build a high-performance 225hp outboard lighter and more compact than anyone thought possible until now.
The key to the new Yamaha F225A s compactness is a Yamaha-exclusive design that runs the exhaust system through the valley of the 60-degree V engine block for the first time ever on a marine 4-stroke outboard.


Finely Atomizing Fuel Injector: Fuel is injected at high velocity from these finely atomizing fuel injectors. The fine particles produced by the high velocity make for easier atomization that produces a homogeneous mix with the air for optimized combustion.
Self-Diagnosis: Once a personal computer is connected to the CEM failed components and remedial actions required and the current engine operating conditions connected with the power head.
ECM (Engine Control Module) | Sensors: The ECM is a microcomputer that controls the various engine functions like ignition timing and fuel injection with precision adjustments based on information from the system s various sensors. As a result the engine is always kept running in optimum condition.
In-Bank Exhaust System: It is a new system adopted for the first time in the world on a 4-stroke V-type outboard motor and features a phenomenal engineering design that reserves the conventional intake and exhaust system layouts seen on an automobile engine.


Type: 4-stroke
Engine Type: 24-Valve DOHC Direct Action V6
Displacement: 3352 cc
Output : 165.5kw | 225hp @ 5500 rpm
Compression Ratio: 9.9
Gear Ratio: 30:15
Weight : 269 - 275 kg
Bore x Stroke: 94 x 80.5 mm
Max Operating Range: 5000 - 6000 rpm
O|M Transom Height: X: 643mm | 25.3in


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