Yamaha F115AET-L and-X, & FL115AETX Counter Rotation

Yamaha F115AET-L and-X, & FL115AETX Counter Rotation


Yamaha F115AET-L

The Yamaha F115AET is a 4-stroke 115hp outboard engine with electric starter and Power Trim &  Tilt. There is a difference in Transom Height: the L-Model is 20.3in.

Thanks to the Yamaha F115A s additional displacement and the newly adopted Yamaha Electronic Fuel injection system you won t believe how much power this compact 16-Valve in-line 4-cylinder outboard motor produces.
Yamaha s fuel injection system gives the F115AETL best-in-class fuel economy and a cleaner exhaust that even meets the USA s EPS emissions standards for the year 2006 while also providing quiet stable low-speed idling.


Finely Atomizing Fuel Injector: Fuel is injected at high velocity from these finely atomizing fuel injectors. The fine particles produced by the high velocity make for easier atomization that produces a homogeneous mix with the air for optimized combustion.
Self-Diagnosis: Once a personal computer is connected to the CEMof the Yamaha F115A failed components and remedial actions required and the current engine operating conditions connected with the power head.
ECM (Engine Control Module) | Sensors: The ECM is a microcomputer that controls the various engine functions like ignition timing and fuel injection with precision adjustments based on information from the system s various sensors. As a result the Yamaha F115A engine is always kept running in optimum condition.


Type: 4-stroke
Engine Type: 16-Valve DOHC Direct-Action In Line 4
Displacement: 1741 cc
Output : 84.6kw | 115hp @ 5500 rpm
Compression Ratio: 9.7
Gear Ratio: 28:13
Weight : 185 - 190kg
Bore x Stroke: 79 x 88.8mm
Max Operating Range: 5000 - 6000 rpm
O|M Transom Height: L: 516 mm (20.3 in) X: 643 mm | 25.3in


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