Yamaha F80BET L or X Outboard Engines

Yamaha F80BET L or X Outboard Engines

Yamaha 80hp Outboards


Yamaha F80BET L or X Outboard Engines

On The Yamaha F80BETL|X four-stroke outboards you can expect light weight compactness and masses of power and those pure Yamaha characteristics are exactly what you get. The difference between these outboards is in Transom height: The L model is 21in and the X model 26in


The Yamaha F80BETL|X powered by a 16-Valve DOHC engine combines an unprecedented balance of quietness clean emissions and fuel economy with light weight compactness and high power.

  • Low RPM High Output Alternator - convenience
  • Blow-By Gas Reburning System - Clean
  • ECM Micro-Computer Control - high performance reliability convenience
  • Long Intake - High Torque
  • Vapour Reduction Vapour Burning Systems - Cleanliness
  • YDIS - Yamaha Diagnostic System - serviceability reliability
  • Multi-Point Fuel Injection - high performance fuel efficiency cleanness
  • 16-Valve DOHC Direct-Action - high power and torque economy
  • Freshwater Flushing Device - convenience
  • Water Sealed Outer Wall - low noise
  • Start-In-Gear Prevention - convenience
  • Prime Start - Sure Start
  • Labyrinth Exhaust System - low noise
  • Anti-Corrosion Exhaust system - anti-corrosion
  • Over-Rev Limiter Overheat Warning Low Oil Pressure Warning - reliability
  • Special Aluminium Alloy (YDC-30) 5-Stage Multiple Coating Self-Sacrificing Anodes - anti-corrosion


Type : Electronic Fuel Injection
Engine Type : 4-Cylinder
Displacement : 1596cc
Output : 58.8kw
Compression Ratio : 9.6
Ignition System :
Gear Ratio : 13:30 (2.31)
Weight : 172|176kg
Bore x Stroke : 79x81.4mm
Max Operating Range : 5000-6000
Scavenging|induction :
O|M Transom Height : L: 536mm|21.1in
X: 664mm|26.1in


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