Yamaha F50GETL Outboard Engine

Yamaha F50GETL Outboard Engine


Yamaha F50GETL Outboard Engine

Yamaha F50GETL is a 4-stroke 50hp Outboard motor with Hydro Trim Tilt and Electric Starter

The Yamaha F50GETL is a highly reliable state-of-the-art outboard armed with original Yamaha -stroke technology and know-how gathered from nearly 40 years of experience in the outboard motor industry.
Beneath the sophisticated and dynamic styling of the Yamaha F50GETL cowling lies the SOHC in-line-4-cylinder engine finely tuned to optimize the features you want from a four stroke: clean quiet and economical performance. But don t worry the Yamaha F50GETL still kicks out exciting power!
Microcomputer controlled ignition timing optimized intake|exhaust efficiency and a separate devise-equipped carburettor for each cylinder ensure that the Yamaha F50GETL has outstanding combustion performance that means both fuel economy plus high power output and hard-driving torque. And you will also appreciate the exceptional light weight and compactness of this motor.
Yamaha F50GETL is Yamaha s answer to what the next generation of four stroke outboards should be now.


Inertia Charge System: The inertia charge effect of the intake silencer increases the amount of air fed to the intake thus increasing power output.
High Output Alternator: This alternator with its max. Rating of 20 amps has sufficient output to keep charging the battery even at low rpm. That ensures ample power for every electrical instrument on the boat.
Single Unit PTT: Power trim and tilt cylinders are combined into a single unit for compactness high performance good response and smooth quiet operation.
Idle Noise Reduction System: During idling the exhaust flow is channelled through a gradual-expansion labyrinth that greatly reduces the exhaust noise level for quieter engine operation.
Blow-by Gas Re-burning System: Unburned gas mixture is returned to the combustion chamber to prevent unburned gas from flowing out in the exhaust resulting in much cleaner emissions.


Type: 4-stroke
Engine Type: SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) In Line 4
Displacement: 935 cc
Output : 36.8kw | 50hp @ 5500 rpm
Compression Ratio: 9.3
Gear Ratio: 24:13
Weight : 108 kg
Bore x Stroke: 63 x 75mm
Max Operating Range: 5000 - 6000rpm
O|M Transom Height: 533mm | 21in


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