Since its debut, the Yamaha FZ series has completely transformed personal watercraft racing, ushering in a new era of super high-performance matched with lightweight components. In its first year in production, Yamaha FZs won National and World Championships, and that success has continued every year since.

For 2014, Yamaha extends its lead in the high-performance arena with the introduction of the new Super Vortex High Output marine engine; the most powerful engine ever in a Yamaha WaveRunner® that delivers race-ready performance right out of the box.

Yamaha SVHO Engine and 160mm High-Performance Jet Pump
The new SVHO marine engine increases power and torque by 20 percent compared to the Yamaha SHO® engine.

To do that, Yamaha:
• Increased cooling efficiency by 25 percent with a new high-performance intercooler,
• Increased the supercharger air intake by 22 percent with a larger diameter supercharger impeller and increased supercharger boost by 60 percent.
• Increased oil cooling efficiency by 110 percent with an all new oil cooling system.
• In addition, the SVHO features an advanced fuel injection system to increase fuel flow and added high-performance forged pistons to deliver peak power and reliability.

Under the waterline, the FZ models now come with a larger 160mm 8-vane pump that delivers competition-level thrust never seen before on a production watercraft from Yamaha. Complementing this high-performance, high-volume pump is a matching high-performance intake grate that maximizes the pump’s potential while delivering unrivaled hook-up in all water conditions. Additional enhancements to the hull include new high-performance sponsons that provide exact handling.

The Highest Power-to-Weight Ratio Ever in a Yamaha Personal Watercraft

The FZ Series hull and deck is made of NanoXcel®, the Yamaha-only, nano-tech engineered material that shaves more than 30kg off the total weight of the unit while adding to the overall strength.
By cutting weight and increasing power, Yamaha delivers an amazing power-to-weight ratio that offers “race-like” performance and handling in a stock craft. The aftermarket tuning potential for furthering unlocking the capabilities of this package is endlesss.
And of course, the new FZ models look every bit the high-performance watercraft they are, with a bolder look topped off with new seat textures, stylised Hydro-Turf® mats, and deep rally car inspired gauges. The profile and overall design of the FZs scream one thing, and that is “Performance!”.
For the customer who wants to be the leader of the pack on the water, there is only one choice. For the racer looking to take the checkered flag first, there is only one choice. 

• New Yamaha SVHO™ engine increases power and torque by 20 percent
• Features new 160mm eight-vane pump that delivers competition-level thrust
• New sponsons, new ride plate, and new top-loader intake grate
• Rides on exclusive nano-engineered hull material that is lightweight and strong
• Bold new look that includes colour-matched seat and Hydro-Turf® mat

Yamaha FZR
• 1-2 person.
• Available in Black Metallic.

Yamaha FZS
An ultra high-performance model designed for one-up riding to appeal to PWC racers and serious enthusiasts with the added versatility for three-person riding and watersports towing.
• 1-3 person.
• Available in Lava Metallic


Engine Type Yamaha supercharged and intercooled, 4-stroke, 4 cylinder, 16 valve Super Vortex High Output engine
Displacement 1812cc
Impeller 3 blade, 17 degree, stainless steel
Length 3.37 m
Width 1.23 m
Height 1.16 m
Fuel Capacity 70 liters, regular unleaded fuel
Passenger Capacity FZR: 1-2, FZS: 1-3
Hull Material NanoXcel High-Compression Molded Compound.

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