Liquid Force: Vantage & Soven Limited

Liquid Force: Vantage & Soven Limited

Soven Limited


Liquid Force: Vantage & Soven Limited

The 2009 Liquid Force Limited Edition bindings are a sneak peak at the future of performance wakeboard specific footwear...


Air Ride Technology
Full length airbag cushions the biggest landings with ease and will not pack out or harden over time.
Integrated Plate
Integrated chassis and plate removes unnecessary hardware and weight.
Open Base Technology
Baseless bindings allow for your foot to be closer to the board, while still offering more cushioning underneath your foot.
Alloy Support Beams
Specific hardened alloy support beams provide an ultra light and rigid base eliminating heel lift commonly associated with light weight boots.
Liquid Fit Technology
No heat moulding necessary. Exclusive blend of ultra light foam that forms to your foot after a few rides. Mould your boots to your riding stance rather than a relaxed position in a shop.


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