Wakeboard Ronix Viva

Wakeboard Ronix Viva

Wakeboard Ronix Viva


Ronix Viva Wakeboards

Chad sharpe`s faster rocker line designs have earned him the title of the largest recorded double up, with 56 frames of film captured from wake to landing. In the past couple of seasons, Chad had added even more kick to his board with a slightly more explosive hybrid rocker line. The Viva carries as much speed up the wake as his previous continuous rocker shapes - but with more of a vertical 3-stage snap leaving the wake. This high-end charger sets a slightly mellower initial edge, but once an edge carries rider`s tricks further out into the flats. Effortless high speed carves and a more forgiving rail design.

Centre variable edge
- a semi full rail and a subtle bevel areate a controlled accelerated edge transfer with a forgiving bottom design
Tip/Tail variable edge
-a sharper rail and bevel have more of a locked down feel on edge
Thin Profile
- reduces swing weight
Moulded outer fins
- for a quicker release off the wake
Directional R3 Technology
- ride the board the it way is was intended to be ridden with the corbon maintaining the original rocker line
Krypto Cable
- makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board, not the weakest, along with a torsionally stiffer board
Mod Pour
- this demanding alternative core is new for this year made from our exclusive blend of carbon and atoms
Sintered Base
The most durable non stick compound we have ever tested on the rails without losing any glide speed on the water
-Screened UV clear top/2, Gold emblems/pearl metallic ink
4 Fibreglass 1.0, fins and 4 Fibreglass .8, slider fins
- (slider fins comes with sintered base option only)

Chad Sharpe creation


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