Wakeboard Groove 138

Wakeboard Groove 138


Liquid Force: Groove 138 Wakeboard

This board is designed to help you get in the groove with any wake conditions. Glassy water, rough chop, big wake, small wake, this board can conquer all.

Designed to match Collin Harrington s surf slashing style and his go anywhere attitude.

  • Progressive Continuous Rocker
  • Double-to-Quad concave hull configuration
  • D-I-S-C through midsection into quad V concave out the tail
  • Concaves for lift combined with V for quicker turning
  • Winged scalloped tail outline full shape with release at rail wings
  • Allows rider to shorten the arc of his turn off the wing for slaying
  • Moulded Quad plus ONE fin setup
  • Long warped sides with shallow inside fin set
  • Outside fins for rail hold combines with inside set to control the thrust through the dual concaves
  • Centre Keel
  • Centre keel keeps water running though concave out the tip without getting too loose
  • Variable edge rails


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