Wakeboard: Liquid Force 2009 S4

Wakeboard: Liquid Force 2009 S4


S4 138 Wakeboard

Designed to be a consistently smooth and forgiving ride

The S4 is a new and improved high performance version of the PS3, designed to be a consistently smooth and forgiving ride with a more juice and firepower behind it than its predecessor. This is not little Phillip s PS3 it is Pro Tour dominating Phil Soven s S4.

Progressive 3-stage rocker

  • Gives rider a higher trajectory arc off the wake while maintaining a smooth flowing transition from the mid-section to the tail.

Double concave Quad V hull design

  • D-I-S-C hull through centre into deep double concaved quad V out the tail

DISC for softer landings with no speed loss

  • Concaves w/ quad V for extra lift and faster rail to rail action

Winged scalloped tail outline full shape with release at rail wings

  • Allows rider to shorten the arc of his turn off the wing for slaying

Deep moulded long base side fins with cutaway trailing edge

  • Long base for superior hold at speed cutaway tailing edge for quicker release off the wake

Shallow moulded inside blade fins placed at top of inside v

  • Blades control water flow through inside concave V for more control

Centreline single vent along V at the tip

  • Detaches water flow across centreline at end of board for increased speed

Low volume rails with reduced area at ends

  • Faster on edge with more hold. Rail flex at end for more drive out of turns



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