Ronix Bachelors - Prequel T handles

Ronix Bachelors - Prequel T handles


Ronix Bachelors - Prequel T handles

Prequel Handle

Testing in our lab at a breaking point of 1700 pounds – the framework of this aluminium bar handle has all of the strength of the others. Designed for riders that don’t need the performance advantages of an anti roll system on handle passes.

The Chefs EVA Grip

The more affordable value of foam. Made out of a similar compound as the Szeto Grip– just cooked instead of machined, to mould the form of a grip. Doesn’t quite have the clamp of the Szeto - but a similar soft finish.

PE Mainline

A forgiving alternative for recreational riders.


  • Prequel Handle
  • Chefs EVA Grip
  • PE Mainline


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